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  1. BulletWhat is the true meaning of talent?

Generally speaking, talent is defined as an “innate ability, aptitude or faculty in any given artistic or intellectual field ».  For Cream, it’s much more than that…

In our view, an « innate aptitude » comes within the scope of an ever-changing environment where there is constant interaction with other players, and where difficulties always prevail.

That is why Cream believes that Talent does not only imply innate abilities or aptitudes, but is also dependent on specific working attitudes:

     A constant exchange of feedback, taking on board  the input of others. The capacity to embracing criticism and to acknowledge it as a valuable asset which enhances the progress of each team member.  This aptitude encourages flexibility: you have the faculty to adapt to any environment and to the feedback of others.  You are eager to learn and to share your learning so as to benefit from the other’s experience.

    You share in a common objective: you are mindful and sensitive to the people around you and are able to identify the different personalities and areas of expertise in your team and in your environment.   You have the capacity to adjust your behavior, take your rightful place within the team and develop your competencies to the full.

    Be active: Take responsibility for the active role you play in carrying out projects and take charge of your own professional development. Take ownership when faced with problems or difficulties.   You are a driving force in the team and must be proactive in terms of proposals and feedback.

  1. BulletA favourable environment where you will showcase your talent

Cream believes that the professional environment in which we develop is a form of ecosystem by its interactive nature:  it is vital that this environment provides certain prerequisites which respond to the needs and goals of each person.

Sharing in the same values encourages us to move ahead in the same direction: an enabling environment allows you to put your talent to the fore at all times.

  1. BulletYour creativity will be both acknowledged and valued

  1. BulletYour colleagues and managers all share in your goal: your own personal development.

Enterprise Agility must prevail at the core of each project we carry out to ensure that Cream’s values and ways of working are fully integrated.

As part of our team at Cream, you attach a lot of importance to the human aspect when dealing with others and you have a collaborative approach which takes on a whole new meaning when aligned with our Company values.

Interested in being a part of this adventure?

We are convinced that you have a lot in common with us:  it stands out that the profiles of the Men and Women  at Cream with whom you will collaborate are just the colleagues you are seeking in order for you to achieve your personal development goals.