Cream is celebrating 3 years of Enterprise Agility


Cream celebrated its 3rd anniversary and we are all very pround ofthe work we’ve done together so far.

Let see what will be the next 3 years! We are 100% motivated to continue doing our best in seeding Enterprise Agility.


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Happy New Year!

366 days to dream, meet opportunities and succeed

Cream Team wishes you all the best!

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The Cloud, an opportunity for entrepreneurship

Cream is Partner for the next MIC’s thursday October 20th : The Cloud, an opportunity for entrepreneurship

The MIC (Microsoft Innovation Center) Brussels team is happy to announce that the registrations for next MIC’s thursday 20th of October are open. The agenda is disclosed below.

A renewed opportunity for you to meet your peers and discuss about best practices in the IT industry in Brussels ! You are also welcome to reach out to the MIC Brussels team members during the event, who will help you find which part of the MIC Brussels program would fit best for you.


Agenda (from 15:00 to 17:30)

  • Welcome by the MIC Brussels team
  • How to innovate and how to sell in the Public Sector, by Baudouin Urbain, Public Sector Director at Microsoft Belux
  • How the Cloud can answer SMEs  IT needs, by David Hernie, IT Evangelist and Technical Advisor at Microsoft Belux
  • Testimonial : The role of the Cloud for the Brussels Enterprises Commerce &Industry (BECI), by Frederik Leloup Business Development Director at BECI
  • Best Practice sharing from Getyoo, the startup that will connect you to anything !

New: Getyoo is now investing the tourism sector and will allow tourists to interact with monuments, shops, expositions… Their new project, “Brussels experience”, is an interactive city-tour like no other. Be among the first to hear about this project on MIC’s thursday!

  • Wrap up & closing drinks

Register here!

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Agility in the Trading Room

Traders screaming, papers flying, crowd pushing, we all have this image when we think of a trading room.

Actually, most of the trading rooms look like that: A slick environment full of computers!
IT became critical to traders and Agility definitely mandatory. This is the story how Cream helps a large Belgian bank to achieve Agile results.

Traders job evolves everyday. They must adapt to a very competitive and changing environment. In this context, IT tooling is crucial to reduce as much as possible time-to-market. To achieve outstanding results, Cream consultants are improving IT tools right into the trading room, physically close to the traders and the quants. This brings a lot of interaction and pragmatic & innovative solutions.

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Happy Birthday Cream!

Happy BirthdayCream is very happy to celebrate is two years of existence.

Thanks to the Cream team, 2010 was an exciting year and 2011 got off a flying start!

We spent a really good time!

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Smartphone : from gadget to professional tool

You can embed your music, your pictures, have funny applications… but you can also access your Exchange data, share information with your colleagues, work nomadic and stay connected to your company! Smartphones provide access to corporate resources anytime, and are a plus for attracting young potential employees

Our client asked us to architect, configure and deploy a professional-use smartphone fleet for 300 managers.

To handle such a project, Cream built a multi-skilled team: architecture, customer need analysis, product specialists, security specialist, technical writing, project management.
Our consultants are constantly keeping an eye on the top trends. So, we were able to run a POC comparing Blackberry and iPhone services when environment is secured Exchange 2010. Based on our POC demos, the client decided to go for iPhone, so we started the deployment preparation. (…)

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Mobile 2.0 Apps Awards 2011

Mobile 2.0 Apps AwardCream congratulates the winners of the Mobile 2.0 App Awards 2011:

  • Mobitee: a surprising geolocation app for golfers
  • Soundcloud: add and share music with your mobile contacts
  • Scanbucks: scan products with your phone during your shopping and earn some gifts
  • Butterfly: best game award. Make flowers bloom on your phone!
  • HotelHotel: compare hotels prices on your phone
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Cream wishes you Happy Holidays

Happy 2011 year

The Cream Team is happy to wish you all the best for the new year 2011.

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Enterprise Agility vs Agile

A dancer is agile, a leopard is agile and what if a company is agile? There is a confusion when using for a new concept a word that already has its own signification.

Enterprise Agility is it when a company uses Agile Project Methodology? More than that…

Enterprise Agility is when the company is agile, flexible? More than that…

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Cream opens it Café

Cream CaféCream wants to offer you a space where you can taste Enterprise Agility, a community to share ideas and discover how to make it real.

We blended Efficient IT Delivery, Continuous Business Process Improvement and Motivating Culture.

Take a break and try our Cream Café!

What else?

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