­I am working as a PMO at Cream for over 2 years now and if I had to describe my experience in two words, I would say: fulfilling and rewarding!

As a PMO, working in the back-office, I have the chance to work on a regular basis with various consultants and I can see how every single Creamer is a part in Cream’s success. This is exactly the stimulating working environment in which people can develop themselves and make a difference!

Since I have joined Cream, I have learned so much, not only within the company but also as a person. I have developed my skills and learned a lot about myself and the world. I am working in an environment where everything is provided to help you focus on your personal development and to encourage you to reach the next level. The meetings I have every week with my manager really matter to me, we talk about the operational follow-up as well as my personal development. Those times of feedback are the key of my apprenticeship.

There are no limitations for growth and I am all the time encouraged to improve myself, my knowledge and develop new skills. Cream is providing tools that allow you to decide in which way you want to take your career. We have access to coaching, trainings and much more, we really have the power to create our own role so we can make the difference!

I have the chance to be surrounded by people with experiences in various companies and sectors; As a PMO, I have the chance to learn so much from this diversity every time I lead a meeting with them.

Besides, there is a great team spirit and all the Creamers are always ready to share their experience to help each other growing.

There is no other company I would rather be! I’m looking forward to going on my career at Cream and challenging myself within the company.