Being a mentor at Cream was for me the next step after working at Cream for more than 2 years. I had myself the opportunity to have a mentor when I arrived, so it seemed to be an evidence for me to take up this role.

Different reasons pushed me to become a mentor:

First of all, I wanted to be more involved in Cream’s internal development and being able to share Cream’s values and culture with newcomers. As a mentor you are one of the first person that a new Creamer meets. On top of that, you get to know your new colleagues as soon as they arrived. You can also share with them about Cream and give them some explanations about our culture, our values, how it works, …

Secondly, I am someone who is always happy to discuss with people and help people. By being a mentor, I’m able to share my own experience and provide support and guidance to new Creamers. It’s very important for me that people know that they can always rely on me and that I’m here to help them if they have some questions or concerns.

Finally, you can really create a “bond” with new Creamers and it is always the opportunity to get to know new Creamers and exchange about our own experiences.

Today after almost 6 months as a mentor, I’m very happy to have joined the mentoring team and I’m happy to be the mentor of some new Creamers!

Thanks to Cream for giving me this opportunity! 🙂