We could be a Cream Factory, a cooking blog or even a detective agency…but in reality, we are a consulting company in Business & Technology active in large organizations and industry leaders in Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Energy, Pharmaceutical & Transport.

To deploy Enterprise Agility, we need to be agile ourselves, from our consultants to our back-office. Therefore, have an efficient, lean, innovative and flexible finance management is vital for Cream’s future business strategy and to develop its position as a top-level consulting company.
Founded in 2009, Cream was Gazelle in 2018, Gazelle épinglée in 2021 and will celebrate 12 years of growth in 2021. Many more successes ahead!

To continue building on success, we need strong cockpits! And here it comes to you.


IS ThiS job made for you ?

Your scope :

  • You’ll be in charge of the controlling related to our business development.
  • Your key responsibility will be to deliver reporting, KPI and analytical output from: Clients ; Suppliers ; Payroll.

To do so, you are also responsible for:

  • Process quality and improvement
  • Data quality and data processing optimization

As a member of the team :

  • As a hub of key monitoring info, you’ll have to collaborate with all departments to build the controlling and monitoring tools.
  • As a skilled and expert person in the field of finance and controlling, you’ll be a central point of contact for both consultants and staff colleagues.

As a Creamer :

Cream being in a scale-up phase, you’ll be involved in projects to accompany growth:

  • Create and/or improve reporting tools
  • Create and/or improve quality control process
  • Improve the ability for the business developers to monitor and financially manage their activity (provide them with tools and trainings)


Mandatory skills: 

  • You have a strong controlling background (2 years of experience & an experience in consulting or services company is a plus)
  • You have an interest in interactions with business operations
  • You have strong Excel skills
  • You are curious about technologies and their implementation
  • You are willing to work in a stimulating environment where you can build and propose as you express your talent and your leadership
  • You are reliable & self-motivated
  • You are able to manage confidentiality and critical info.
  • You are able to embrace responsibilities: you will be responsible for your work and Cream relies on you!


  • You have a Master degree in finance (corporate) with a focus on audit/controlling .
  • You master IT Office tools
  • You speak French as a mother tongue, and you have a good command of English

Preferable skills:

  • Database basics
  • Taste for IT world
  • You already worked in a company dealing with services and/or IT


  • A broad diversity of career options: you’re not stuck in a box
  • You evolve in a learning environment where you can challenge your knowledge with your colleagues
  • You grow in a company that is at the leading edge of technology
  • You have the opportunity to bring new ideas to develop a thriving company
  • We have values we share, live with, experiment every day

We just hire great people and give them the playing field to become awesome!